Vision Zero Automotive Network Certification

  • Author: MECP
  • Category: Specialist & Technician
  • Time To Complete: Approx. 7-9 hours
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$99 for your first year's access and certification (Currently MECP Certified Technicians $49, Vision Zero Network Members $59 - email for discount information)

$59 annual renewal for your continued access and your certification renewal (Currently MECP Certified Technicians $39, Vision Zero Network Members $39)

*Certification is based on passing your certification or short recertification exam.

Course overview
This learning course and certification exam will equip you with the knowledge to properly explain, demonstrate, sell, and install Advanced Driver Awareness System components and accessories to modern vehicles. Forward collision, rearview camera, parking sensor, blind-spot sensor and general driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety technology and its application to different types of vehicles is covered.

This is a one-year access purchase to the content and certification exam. Annual renewal on the purchase date, not the certification accomplishment date, is required to maintain certification.
  • Explanation & Application: 7 hours
  • Final Certification Exam: 2 hours

What's included?

  • 1 year of access to the learning content, including all updates
  • Interactive learning at your own pace
  • 1 Certification Exam (once unlocked)
  • 1 Certification*
    (*upon completion of learning content and a successful pass of the exam)

Become a Certified ADAS Specialist and Technician

You will learn fundamental information about ADAS and related driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety systems, and how they apply to modern vehicles. You will also learn how to identify existing OEM equipment in a vehicie and be able to recommend upgrades to supplement those systems.

Improve your knowledge in a rapidly growing product category!

Becoming Vision Zero Automotive Network certified is shows your clients your commitement to understanding teh product category and how the systems operate so you can properly integrate new systems and accessories into their vehicle safely.