MECP Skilled Installation Technician

  • Author: MECP
  • Level: Skilled
  • Total time: 12-18 hours
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$129 for your first year's access and certification*
$79 annual renewal for your continued access and your certification renewal*
*Certification is based on passing your certification or short recertification exam.
Requirements - info
You can purchase this level of access, but your certification journey will begin with the Apprentice level content and exam, which must be completed and passed before your Skilled level certification will be valid. Future renewals of this active certification will only require the recertification exam for the Skilled level. once it has been accomplished.

Can't purchase the bundle? That means you already have the Apprentice Installation Technician Course, and you cannot re-purchase it. Go to your MECP Profile and select "Upgrade" on your Apprentice certification to purchase access to the Skilled course and exam.

Course overview
Prepare for the MECP Skilled Installation Technician Certification Exam with this well-organized advanced content. The information in this course is divided into eight subjects, and you will be prepared with knowledge on advanced electronics and vehicle electrical systems, advanced installation knowledge and technique, mobile audio and video systems, advanced vehicle security and convenience systems, and advanced in-vehicle information and safety systems
  • Explanation: 12 hours
  • Section Review Exams: 5 hours
  • Final Certification Exam(s): 3 hours

What's included?

  • 1 year of access to the learning content, including all updates
  • Interactive learning at your own pace
  • 1 Certification Exam (once unlocked)
  • 1 Certification*
    (*upon completion of learning content and a successful pass of the exam)

Level-up your Installation Technician Certification

You will learn advanced information about in-vehicle electronics systems and general aftermarket electronic integration. Testing, measurement, simple troubleshooting, and industry terminology are all covered!

Continue your career growth.

Becoming MECP Skilled Installation Technician certified can demonstrate your continued commitment to higher learning in your field and equip you with more advanced level installation knowledge and techniques. This step will help you get closer to obtaining an Expert level certification.